The recent publication by the All Progressives Congress (APC) signed by Comrade Moni Seikemengha, Chairman APC Burutu LGA, and Engr. Beke P. Black, Secretary, APC Burutu LGA, accusing the People's Democratic Party (PDP) of planning military intimidation of Alapala supporters in the February rerun election is not only false but a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. 

The claims made in their publication are not only baseless but also serve as an irresponsible act of spreading misinformation that has the potential to incite unwarranted tension in the political landscape.

It is imperative to correct the record and provide an accurate portrayal of the events leading up to the rerun election to ensure that the public is well-informed and equipped to discern fact from fiction.


First and foremost, the assertion that the PDP has engaged in any act of intimidating voters is unequivocally false. Throughout its history, the PDP has maintained a firm commitment to upholding the principles of free, fair, and transparent electoral processes.

This dedication to democratic values is not only recognized within Delta State but resonates throughout Nigeria as a whole. Any insinuation suggesting otherwise is not only misleading but also undermines the fundamental democratic rights of the populace.

Furthermore, the allegation that His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Elder Sheriff Oborevwori, plan to instruct  or direct  military personnel to intimidate voters in the February 3rd rerun is patently untrue. Such malicious claims lack any substantiated evidence and a disservice to the reputation and integrity of an esteemed public figure. It is crucial to note that His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Elder Sheriff Oborevwori has consistently upheld ethical standards in his leadership and governance, and there is no basis for the unfounded accusations leveled against him.

The endless liers of the APC in their publication also alleged that Governor Sheriff Oborevwori is not comfortable with Hon. Guwor Emomotimi's speakership of the Delta State House of Assembly because his emergence was out of necessity and that Hon. Michael Diden is mounting pressure on him to replace Rt. Hon. Guwor with Hon. Asupa Forteta as the speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly. These are calculated allegations for them to Nicodemously, perfect their plans to ferment trouble and perpetrate chaos, anarchy and crises during the election. Because they the APC knows fully well that the Governor who is the chief security officer of the state will not allow anybody in disguise of election to cause breakdown of law and order in the state.

In fact, Rt Hon. Guwor Emomotimi and Hon. Asupa Forteta are close political associates who worked together for the emergence of Gov. Sheriff Oborevwori to become the governor of Delta State. So it is ridiculous for one to allege and infer that  Gov. Sheriff Oborevwori is not comfortable with Rt. Hon. Guwor Emomotimi Speakership.

The claim that boys are being recruited by the PDP to cause a bloodbath if the election doesn't go their way is baseless. In fact, it is the APC that is known for such tactics, as they have been reported to use private security outfits for such purposes. It is  important to critically evaluate such allegations and consider the political motivations behind them.

Again, they claim that the four units scheduled for the re-run election are strongholds of Hon. Alapala Anthony Ebitonmo, this is  also a baseless fabrication. In truth, these units are supporters of Hon. Asupa Forteta hence the unimaginable manipulation of votes by the APC  that results to cancellation of those units. It is imperative to separate fact from fiction and reject attempts to distort the truth in the political landscape. 

In stark contrast to the allegations put forth by the APC, it is essential to highlight the documented instances where the APC has been associated with using private security outfits to intimidate voters in riverine areas during the 2023 elections to do their bid. These well-documented accounts stand as a testament to the hypocritical nature of the aforementioned publication and raise questions about the credibility of the source behind this misinformation. It is imperative that we do not allow such baseless accusations to go unchallenged and unexamined.

As responsible citizens and members of the public, it is paramount to disregard the false and baseless publication from the APC. The dissemination of unfounded allegations does  not only undermines the legitimacy of democratic processes but also serves to erode public trust in our electoral system.

In conclusion, the false publication from the APC regarding the planned military intimidation of Alapala supporters in the rerun election is a distortion of reality and an unfortunate attempt to manipulate public opinion. The PDP remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the principles of democracy, and any insinuations to the contrary should be met with skepticism and scrutiny. It is essential to foster an environment where truth and accountability prevail, and we must collectively reject the propagation of misleading narratives that threaten the fabric of our democratic society.

Let us affirm our collective commitment to transparency, fairness, and the rule of law as we endeavor to uphold the sanctity of our electoral processes. The public deserves accurate and truthful information, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that misinformation does not overshadow the pursuit of a just and equitable society. 

Let us remind ourselves that the Delta State APC faithfuls are superlative  in propaganda attempting to distort the natural course of events. For instance,  the Supreme Court is yet to decide on the Delta State governorship election, but they have preempted its judgement accusing it of miscarriage of justice.

The February rerun election should be a testament to the resilience of our democratic values, and we must remain vigilant in guarding against attempts to subvert the democratic process. Together, let us stand firm in rejecting false narratives and upholding the integrity of our electoral system for the betterment of Delta State and Nigeria as a whole.


Hon. Benson Clark

Chairman, Ogbolubiri Integrity Group ( OIG)

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