Nigerian man living in the UK posts a picture of his hands after spending 12 hours cleaning dishes so he may go to school.

Nigerian man living in the UK

The post, which was later removed in response to criticism, showed a Nigerian man living in the UK showing his hands after doing a 12-hour shift at the washbasin to help pay for his school fees. He expressed the view that people may work to make ends meet without turning to charity.

A Nigerian man who lives in the UK and works hard to pay for his studies by cleaning dishes for 12 hours a day displays the state of his hands.

He shared it with the Nigerian community in the United Kingdom on Twitter. This was in response to another Nigerian, who was trying to raise money on GoFundMe to help with their schooling costs.

He believes it was a terrible strategy since people can genuinely labour to afford money without searching for gifts.

However, he removed the post in reaction to criticism of his statements.

"I was looking for my own school fees then, December 2022...12 noon to 12 midnight," he stated. I wash plates nonstop, occasionally crying a little as I head back inside my chilly house.

Gofundme, kill yourself there once more!

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