Mummy Zee receive one year supply of Colgate, Lush Hair, Indomie for Waking Up 4.00 Am to Cook for Her Husband


Mummy Zed

For waking up at four in the morning to prepare meals for her husband, Mummy Zed received a year's supply of Colgate, Lush Hair and Indomie.

As offers for a year's worth of items from Colgate, Indomie, and Lush Hair reach out to the viral Mummy Zed, more presents keep coming in.

Internet people are currently aware of the background to Mummy Zee's sudden notoriety, as gifts keep coming in for the woman whose gestures of kindness to her husband won over hearts.

Among the gifts she has already received, Lush Hair has reached out to her offering to give her free makeovers at their saloons and their products for a year.

They wrote …

“Hello @_Debbie_OA we are so proud of you and your love story and we would love to offer you a year’s worth supply of Lush Hair Products and free hair makeovers at our salon throughout the year.”

Also, Colgate has offered her a one-year supply of their oral health products.

Colgate wrote …

“Hello @_Debbie_OA, your story had us grinning from ear to ear😀

We want you to have more than enough reasons to keep smiling with a full-year supply of Colgate oral care essentials.

How do you want it delivered to you?”

Makers of the Indomie noodles said ..

“Well done @_Debbie_OA

We’ll like to show some love to your family with cartons of Indomie

Please send your address to our DM so we can arrange the logistics, thank you”

Check out reactions …

@Stunnerlife115 remarked: “Wait oooo your grace pass person when win Grammy oooo”

@Lupinikenga commented: “Abeg at this point I have to ask, which juju this Debbie woman dy use? This is out of ordinary, it’s so supernatural. See ehee, don’t play with The Grace Of God, e no be anybody mate”

@Obagames wrote: “Your Grace must reach me! My Games must Boom Today”

@Unclebeola said: “Omo, the blessing isn’t stopping anytime soon. So happy for you.”

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Mummy Zed

Mummy Zed

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