“This Shit Was Rigged; I Need a Rematch” – Charles Okocha Asks for Rematch After He Was Mercilessly Defeated by Portable

Charles Okocha

Veteran Nollywood actor and content creator, Charles Okocha has made a request for a rematch after he felt that the boxing match with Nigerian singer Portable was rigged. Portable was declared the winner by the referee’s decision after meeting all requirements to emerge the winner of the match.


The Nigerian actor Charles Okocha has demanded that his recent boxing match with Nigerian artist Portable be cancelled entirely, alleging suspected trickery and an incompetent referee. Recall that on December 26, Portable defeated Charles Okocha and was declared the winner by the referee, fulfilling his requirements to win the boxing bout. 

Shortly after the results were announced, Charles Okocha filed a complaint against the referee and the fight organisers, claiming that Portable had removed his boxing gloves during the third round, an action that should have resulted in his immediate disqualification.

He asked, "How can you give up in the third round when we have four rounds?" in a post on his social media profile. When the battle is still going on, how do you take off your gloves in the third round to be completely disqualified?


“Y’all know this was rigged, with an incompetent referee who knows nothing about boxing rules. Nevertheless, we move on. Rematch coming soon.”


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