“Is he an orphan?” – Viral video of a young man walking alone in his graduation gown after finishing school stirs reactions

A young man wearing his graduation gown has been seen strolling around the city, celebrating his scholastic achievements by himself the now-viral video, the young man is shown gracefully entering the city, swerving around vehicles and pedestrians along the way, clearly relishing this moment of pride.

In the absence of any apparent family members or friends, online users expressed a variety of emotions.


Some felt sorry for the young graduate and wondered where his family and friends had vanished, while others speculated that he might be an orphan who has been left to celebrate his accomplishment on his alone.

In response to the film, a number of people posted on social media about their own experiences celebrating significant anniversaries alone, which sparked a wave of empathy

Watch the video below


Read some comments below:

habibaomar said. “Congratulations to him️ can somebody hug him for me.”

Mike peter sirkal said, “Must be Kahawa Sukari area. Saw this guy..he must have gone through a lot.”

Africanna4 said, “Congratulations to him may he never lack nor give up.”

ed said, “Tru definition of alone lonely & success in one video, heading back home on foot congratulations buddy.”



@ombima._ When youre the only one who knows what it took you🥹🥹 #fyp #tiktokkenya🇰🇪 ♬ life im over you Zevia - zevia
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