"I want to own a home." - After purchasing one plot of land, a man utilises Dangote cement bags to produce fabric.


 A young Nigerian man who wants to buy a house has gained a lot of attention online after being photographed wearing an outfit made from Dangote cement sacks.

In the video that has been making the rounds online, he was seen storming the street with his companions while dressed in those outfits.


The man, dressed in a gown and fitted headgear, expressed his joy at being able to construct corner pieces on a piece of land he had bought in 2023 using Dangote cement.

Numerous people observed that the "clothes" his tailor prepared for him must have required a lot of work. His video was uploaded by @officialfowobi.

Check out the video below:



View the comments that are shown below:

icon said, “People wey normal for this country no reach 10.”

Micolax said, “To be sincerely, the tailor wey sow the cloth know work pass my tailor.”

Tunji Atitebi said, “Hmmmm this is truly making sense god bless them all.”

Sapphiretunez said, “Why dem no iron am.”

Ope MaLLY said, “All this one wey you dey do, Eno concern Dangote.”



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