"I Want Nothing to Do with My Father, I Am D£Ad to Him." – Michael, the son of Emeka Ike, speaks

Emeka ike

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike's first son, Michael, has declared he doesn't want to interact with his father.

Michael talked about how, in an interview with media personality Chude, the actor allegedly verbally abused him.

"He inquired if she desired to murder my brothers in order to make it seem as though he was the only one still alive. Let him take his own life.

Ignore everyone and simply commit suicide. Who tells their kids they can commit suicide?

He mentioned that he has children my age all across the world. Is that meant to worry me, I thought to myself?


He left me a 10-minute voicemail the following morning. This is not the initial instance. He constantly sends me vulgar notes saying things like, "You are a musician; you will never be successful." I'll spit on you when I see you by the side of the road. You will never be seen by Don Jazzy.

He mailed my mother roughly eight VNs. My mother was unable to hear it. She was attempting to soothe me, and I was attempting to soothe her.  Oh, how astonished I was. This can't be someone I should be proud of, I thought to myself. I began to wonder what I should do the moment I bring a woman home.


Could he bless my children on my behalf? I started to worry that when I'm older, I might experience problems similar to these.

Michael answered, "Nothing," when asked what he wanted his father to do or cease doing. I'm not looking for anything from him. It was maybe four days ago that I came to the realisation that I have nothing at all from this man. Did he really tell me to go get my head crushed by a truck? For me, that was the line. This man has killed me. I have no desire for anything from him.

Michael responded to remarks that said his mother had turned him against his father by saying, "When I met my mum for the first mum,

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