"I chop rice, I chop Maggie," says a disgruntled man whose partner cooks eight cups of rice and twelve cubes of Maggie.


When a Nigerian man learned that his fiancée had only prepared eight cups of rice and twelve Maggi cubes, he ignited a social media dispute.

In the video, the man could be heard wailing, saying, "I dey chop rice, dey chop Maggie," and stating that he had discovered something strange about the food's taste.


When he went into the kitchen to look into it, he saw that his girlfriend had cooked the eight cups of rice he had asked for using about twelve Maggi cubes.


How someone could use so many Maggi cubes for such a small amount of rice baffled him.

He tallied the Maggi cubes that had already been consumed, wondering if his partner had used 12 cubes for the eight cups of rice, or if he had miscounted.

Many people commented on the post and a wide range of reactions were sparked by the Nigerian man's response on social media.


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