"How to change your Canadian visitor visa to a work visa" Nigeria man in uk share update


Nigerian guy living in Canada provides essential information for Japa Victor, a Nigerian, has taken to TikTok to provide advice on how to quickly convert a guest visa to a work permit in Canada.


According to Vicktor, a few requirements must be satisfied, with the main focus being on having the necessary abilities.


Vicktor started off by warning against making a hasty trip to Canada and then flying back, stressing the value of careful planning.

He counselled potential immigrants to maximise their visitation visa by utilising the opportunity to acquire skills that are in high demand in particular Canadian provinces.

Vicktor highlights the value of having applicable abilities, pointing to a job that is apparently in high demand as an example: truck driving.

Vicktor underscores the need of having pertinent abilities, mentioning truck driving as an occupation that is supposedly in great demand in certain Canadian provinces.

He suggests that people make the most of their time in Nigeria to obtain these abilities prior to travelling to Canada.

Before travelling to Canada, the TikTok star emphasised how important it is to acquire a skill in Nigeria. By doing this, travellers can improve their chances of being able to change their visiting visa into a work visa once they arrive in Canada.



Netizens Reactions…

@QUEEN DESSY said; “Can I learn truck driving as a woman?”

@Prudent commented; “Please, if you give a three years visit visa! Does this mean you can stay in Canada for a good three years without going back home?”

@ogazimorahonyinye said; “Please do you have any recommendations for schools for masters study from Nigeria.”

@Chinwe_Rich said; “What skill can a young girl who is expecting a visitor visa learn or study.”

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