"Apply With the Link": Canada Reopens Two Programmes To Allow Nigerians To Move Permanently With Families

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Two initiatives in Canada have been relaunched in an effort to draw in more caregivers looking to move. Successful individuals with qualifications can also move with their families.


After five years, there is also the opportunity for people who are prepared to relocate to become permanent citizens.


Applications are being accepted for the Home Support Worker and Home Child Care Provider Pilot programmes run by the Canadian government. Foreign nationals, especially Nigerians, have the chance to relocate with their families and apply for permanent residency under these two carer programmes.


Interested Nigerians may begin applying as early as 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on January 1, 2024.

Information regarding the Canadian Carer Programme The scheme provides qualified carers and their families with the chance to move to Canada with the possibility of becoming permanent citizens. It has a five-year duration. The two primary application processes are obtaining experience and applying directly for permanent residence. The application fee is N982,030 ($CAN 1,085).

How the Canada Carer Programme application process operates Nigerians applying through direct entrance must select the category and have 12 months of appropriate job experience.


On the other side, the Gaining Experience category is available to people who have less than a year of work experience or who have never worked as a full-time carer in Canada. Let's say you've held a caregiving position.


How to apply for carer programmes in Canada See the official Canada.ca website for a complete list of prerequisites. Show off your fluency in French or English by taking recognised language exams. Have your qualifications from overseas schools assessed by organisations that have been certified by Canada. Put together and send in your whole application material for permanent residence. 

For a final determination on your application, after submitting your application, go to your scheduled biometrics appointment and adhere to any further directives provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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