“You’re not supposed to take the law into your hands”- Reactions as Lizzy Gold as her crew beat up two thieves in Asaba

Lizzy Gold

Reactions to Lizzy Gold and her crew beating up two thieves in Asaba: "You're not supposed to take the law into your hands" Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold has drawn criticism for pursuing the law on her own when two thieves stole a girl's phone while she was on set. 

She raised the alarm, leading her DOP and Associate Producer to pursue them and she drove after them. Ultimately, the thieves were caught and punished, and the girl's phone was recovered.

 “So these thieves stole a girl’s phone ..she raised alarm and my dop’s and associate producer ran after them ..me I drove after them ..long story cut short the thieves were caught and beaten…the girl’s phone was recovered from the thieves…watch to the end and see the lady whose phone was stolen…

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Ps: they are known thieves in Asaba…they were taken to the d.p.o in Asaba and he said they have been in prison for 39 days only for them to be released yesterday and they still stole a girl’s phone”.

Taking to the comment section, many reprimanded her for taking thelaw into her own hands.

One Rayz Collections wrote, “You could have handed them over to the police not to take the law into your hands

One Ms Welz Official wrote, “You’re not supposed to take the law into your own hands

One Ameka Gab wrote, “Hand them over to police that’s all

One Azoyea wrote, “Y’all are really cr@zy meh!! And the next minute y’all will be crying about bad government, bad country. See you guys behavior!! I know what they did was wrong but beating them like this is wrong. The laws are there for a reason. Why can’t you guys hand them over to the police, and let them do their job?

One Okwudili Darlington wrote, “This is very bad and disgraceful. Everyone is guilty in one way or the other. But people wey dey there are now claiming to be innocent”.

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