"You Sure Say Nurse No Separate Them?" Reactions When a Couple Discovers a Baby Girl Who Reminisces With Them

Baby Girl

A Nigerian couple's discovery of their baby girl's resemblance has caused social media users to go crazy. Where the finding was made remains unclear, but the pair were thrilled to see the well-behaved toddler. A number of online users believed that the hospital where the couple's child was born needed to provide some clarification.

A Nigerian couple discovered their small daughter's twin, to their delight. 

The couple engaged with their child's impersonator via a car window, and the wife, @xo_rukky, posted a video of her husband holding their child on TikTok. 

Internet users expressed surprise at their striking resemblance. Interestingly, the kids had the same hairstyle. Watch the video below: 

@xo_rukky They look so adorable 😍🥰 #baby #adorablebaby #viral ♬ original sound - xo_rukky
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