"When a married woman, with no solid reason, moves from her husband's home to Abuja"- Israel DMW makes fun of his ex-wife

Isreal DMW

Davido's personal logistics manager, Isreal DMW, seems to be keeping his marriage troubles public on the internet.

The 002 actor has made a jab at his estranged wife, who has been in the news lately due to his failed marriage.


According to GISTLOVER, less than a year after Isreal DMW and Sheila Courage's extravagant wedding ceremony, which was attended by Davido, his now-wife Chioma, Poco Lee, Cubana Chief Priest, and others, their marriage struck rock bottom.


Blogger Gistlover asserted that Sheila had moved out and that domestic violence was one of the reasons their marriage terminated.


The 002 actor finally opened up about his marital issues this week when he disclosed how he upgraded his virgin wife and how they first met.


She was always breaking him down and trying to make him live up to her expectations, which caused their marriage to fall apart.


Isreal DMW said that his wife relocated from his home to Abuja, citing his mother-in-law as the reason, although he denied physically abusing her.


He said, "What kind of woman leaves her matrimonial home for Abuja on a flimsy excuse?" in what appeared to be a swipe at his estranged wife. He added that although his wife is the daughter of a pastor, she engages in pointless pursuits.


“When a fully married woman, leaves her husband’s house to Abuja, with flimsy excuses to start doing nonsense. A pastor’s daughter oooh”.


Isreal DMW

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