"She Came to Scatter the Marriage": A woman shows up at the wedding reception wearing a crop top and bum shorts

young lady wearing short

Following the release of the footage on social media, a woman's attire at a wedding reception sparked a lot of comments. The woman could be seen in the brief video sporting a tiny crop top that little covered her breast and a scorching bum short. 

She was seen twerking and doing the "shakara" in front of other attendees at the event venue.

A woman showed up at a wedding reception wearing an outfit that went viral on social media.

She was seen sporting a little crop top and sexy-looking booty shorts in a video that has gone viral. 

Netizens react as lady wears bum shorts to a wedding 

@kayzywizzzy said: "The question should be, how will she come in?" 

@FunmiKolz said: "So nobody there can chase her out?" 

@Irunnia_ said: "The man’s ex sent her to scatter the marriage.

@TracynotChelsea said: "I feel people know who they try such stunts with." 

@AishaReno12 said: "She has a secret about either the bride or the groom, she definitely has something evident." 

@Xperience_Snr said: "I don't have any male or female friends or relations that roll with people like this and I don't pray to be engaged with a woman that'll have people like this in her life that'll confidently come to her reception to fool. Lol.

see video below:


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