Nigerian lady Who Went Back to Secondary School After Having Children Starts University at UNN

Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady who went to secondary school at an old age as graduated and she is now applying for a university program.


Mr Ugwoke Oloto Odobo, shared. Facebook post and congratulated his wife on her matriculation at the university of Nigeria, Nsuka.

The lady went back to Jss3 after having her last child, and she preserved until she graduated in 2022 after successful completing her SS3 exams.

A Nigerian lady has caused a buzz online after her successful comeback into her educational career, the lady who is said to have giving birth to her last child returned back to school.

Precious Chioma Ugwoke, went back to start her educational career at jss3 in 2018 after she had her last child, making a strong decision to complete her schooling career.


The woman has successfully graduated from secondary school in 2022, and has desired to proceed to the university.

The mother who started her university at UNN in a Facebook post shared by her husband, Ugwoke Oloto Odobo, announced that his wife's desire to proceed to the university has come to pass.

He said his wife has matriculated at the University of Nigeria Nsuka. He wrote: 

The journey began in September 2018 when she, with her husband, Ugwoke Oloto Odobo decided, after they had hung the boots on childbearing, that she return to school. 

She restarted in JSS3. Today, she had her matriculation as a Lioness in UNN, Nsukka. Congratulations to a humble and determined woman, my dear wife." 

His words: "I'm elated about her progress so far. But I'm much more pleased with her humility and tenacity of purpose. Many in her shoes will not deign to return to secondary school and in a junior class to pursue education. 

For that, I love her greatly, and I will do everything legal to ensure she gets to any academic height she desires." Ugwuoke Odobo himself is currently rounding up his PhD at the same university. 

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