Nigerian Lady Cries out after Finding Her Husband and Little Daughter Sleeping in Bed, Shares Video

Nigerian Lady Cries

In a social media post a Nigerian woman has lamented of how her husband and little daughter always sleep.

The woman who appeared to be a little jealous of her little daughter always having nice time with her dad, cried out as she saw them sleeping together and wondered why. The short video clip shared online blew caused a lot of reaction as people supported her little daughter, tagging her as the main as the main child chick


A jealous Nigerian woman has funnily lamented on social media over the bond between her husband and their little daughter.

A jealous mum has jokingly shared on social media the bond between her husband anad their little daughter.


In the short video click shared by a tiktok handler @sandrababy938 with a caption “what is this na”. Her video got many talking as it blew up on the micro blogging platform, with over 361k views at the time of writing this report.


Many people threw their weight behind her sleeping daughter and branded the daughter as the new side chick.

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