My Hands Are Clean”: Mr Ibu’s Wife Cries Out, Denies Using Husband’s Donations to Buy a Car

Mr Ibu's wife

Popular Nigerian actor Mr Ibu's wife has stirred reactions online with a post she shared on her page.

Despite reports of her husband's successful recovery after his leg was amputated, Stella has taken to social media to call out Mr Ibu's daughter, Jasmine 

In a lengthy post shared on Instagram, Stella accused Jasmine of manipulating her way into taking control of the donations made to her husband & more 

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram 

Amidst reports of veteran comic actor John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, undergoing recovery after his recent leg surgery, there seems to be trouble within his household. 

Mr Ibu's wife, Stella Marris Okafor, in a series of posts shared on her Instagram page, called out her husband's adopted daughter, Jasmine, alleging fraud and embezzlement. 

"Jasmine is fetish and manipulative" - Mr Ibu's wife Stella noted in her lengthy statement that Jasmine had denied her access to the bank accounts where donations for Mr Ibu were made. 

She also alleged that Jasmine had been using fetish means to manipulate her way into her immediate family affairs. 

Mr Ibu's wife added that the management of her husband's donations had been shrouded in secrecy while denying that she ever tried to acquire a car with the money given to the ailing movie star but only discussed it with her cousin 

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