"If I am going to die, let me die a fine boy," Falz says, describing how he was nearly killed in an attack on an Abuja highway.

Rapper Falz

Rapper Falz has related the story of how armed robbers nearly killed him and his pals during an attack.

In an interview with "Untapped," Falz disclosed this information, saying that he and two of his pals were involved in the November 16, 2013, incident on an Abuja highway that claimed their driver's life.

Recalling the experience, the rapper added that he felt as though he and his pals were going to die too, so they began saying their last prayers.

On their way to a wedding in Abuja, where Falz was supposed to perform for cash, the incident took place.

It was a high-profile wedding in the North, they said, because Falz was paid a million dollars by the client to play at the wedding.

They were intending to fly, but a buddy of his named Sule advised they take the road, which is ultimately how they got there. They had not bought their tickets in time.

Because it was during the day, one of his pals erased the thought and expressed dissatisfaction of them taking the path, asking the rapper to pray before they went.

After discussing his driving technique with his companions, the driver agreed to make adjustments, so the group fell asleep behind the wheel.

They were startled awake by a loud noise and discovered a man in the middle of the road brandishing a revolver; it seems the man had fired three rounds at their car, striking the driver in the eye with the third bullet.

Falz described the circumstances, saying

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