Commotion on Campus as Nigerian Lady Reports Colleague for Using Phone in Exam Hall, Video Emerges

Alot of missed reactions as trailed in a school premises after a school eventually took disciplinary action against a student caught in the act of committing malpractice.

A female student from an institute reported her colleague for using a smart phone during their examination which has led to reactions from students in regards to the incident  as many people criticize  the female student who blew the whistle on her colleague.

A female students action has led to the demotion of course mate from year three to year one after she was found engaging In examination malpractice.

See video below 

@nwabu_maron Some people are very heartless 💔 😢💔 #heart #bad #badfeel #heartless #wickedthemusical #haart #heartbroken #school ♬ original sound - Nwabu_Maron🦋💦

The video was shared by a tiktoker

 @nwabu_maron, who is a student of the instruction, showing the commotion that was caused by the incident.

According to her, a female student reported her colleague for using her phone during an examination. While the institution involved was not disclosed, it was reported that the defaulting female student was stepped down from 300 level to 100 level. 

@nwabu_maron thought reporting the cheating student was a heartless thing to do. Watch the video below: 

People react to the malpractice incident jennyemmy88 said: ''First of all na me carry phone i get right give u answer or not. 

"Secondly why u no carry ur own phone? ur papa send u come school make i give answer???'' 

user 766735255  said: "That is why some Alvan gals will not have sense are u satisfied now because of mgbo. this gal is very wicked and God will not forgive u rubbish."

Weirdly said: ''Person way dem go catch outside school beat the madness comot for him head.

Doverun said: "A school can't step you down all they can do is watch you closely during the next exam." 

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