Carter Efe dances to the hit song Oyimo featuring Young Duu, rolling on the floor and getting emotional.


Online comments have flooded in response to an emotional video featuring well-known Nigerian artist and content producer Carter Efe dancing to his newly released song Oyimo, which features Young Duu.

The official music video and audio for Oyimo, a notalgic hit song, were released today by Carter Efe and vocalist Portable, an ex-signee of Young Duu.

After releasing it, the song quickly gained popularity online and had a high replay value among music lovers who were equally enthralled with the music video.


Recall that Carter Efe, who promised to be with Young Duu after the latter was fired from Zeh Nation Records and called a bad luck by Portable, has been with him, as Intel Region earlier reported.


But in a recent video that was discovered on Carter Efe's verified Instagram page today, November 8, 2023, the content creator appeared to be in a distressed situation as he repeatedly rolled about on the ground, put his hands on his head, and said that the music had a special place in his heart.


Carter Efe, who verges on tears in the music video, stated, "This song speaks about my life, which is why it means a lot to me." Never belittle others because you never know what the future holds.


View the video down below.


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