"Aunty, please host a master class; we'll cover the cost." The internet is trending with wedding pictures of rich Arab men with Igbo women.

Arab men

On the internet, pictures from the wedding of a wealthy Arab husband and a Nigerian woman from Imo state have gone viral.

Internet users were intrigued by their tale of cross-cultural love, marvelling at the ability of love to unite individuals from disparate origins.

Social media is ablaze with adorable wedding pictures that showcase the couple's bliss and joy.


Social media users from all around the world raved about the interracial couple in the comments section as their endearing pictures went viral.


@auntytonia reacted: “Biko why are the men angry? Gini bu iwe unu? I’m not understanding but I love it! Keep crying.”

@teeto_olayeni said: “Aunty please drop past questions biko.”

@gbogbotigbogbo_store said: “Sis Chinyere please kindly hold a master class.we will pay.”

@sisi_painter87 said: “Real meaning of digging gold. No be all these iron bender boys that will be calling you gold digger over nothing.”

@leoorji2000250 commented: “This very stupidest of marriage, becoming of money this one don’t go end up with Arab man.”

See more photos below:


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