You get mind breakup with your helper, man reclaims container built for is girlfriend after breakup.

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A young lady went viral after sharing a sad video of what her boyfriend did to her, in the video which was shared on her TiK ToK page showing her boyfriend carried away the container shops h construct for her.

According to her boyfriend he got the job when their relationship was at its peak but took it back after the breakup, this ugly incident has ignited a lot of reaction on social media as netizen explain their own opinion about the actions of the boyfriend.

The Nigerian lady with the tiktok handle Amaka Doris as narrated how our ex boyfriend took back the container shop he constructed for her after their breakup.

 In a recent video shared on the social media space it could be seen that the truck was carrying the shop away leaving his girlfriend surprised and hurt.

According to the lady in the video which she shared on her tiktok page she was disbelieved that Vene could go to this extent to get back a caravan shop he constructed for her during their relationship, although she has expressed a decision that she is no longer interested in the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, but seeing him carried out such action kept her in disbelief as he never thought he will go to that extent...

Because I said I don't want again my ex went back to carry a shop he built for me

His name is Vene. When we were dating everything was going well. You opened shop for me, you opened that shop so I can use it to start up something. "So after we broke up he went and hired a truck and carried the shop that he built, he constructed because he didn’t build that thing. 

Like Vene, even if we broke up, is that something you should do? Like even if I said I’m not doing anymore. To go and take a shop you built for me when things weren’t going well.” 

The video quickly went viral, leading to different reactions from netizens. Some individuals commended Vene for his actions, arguing that since Amaka had initiated the breakup, it was only fair for him to reclaim the shop. 

@SUMBODI said: “Vene thank u for making us proud ahead ahead.” 

@The_Clutch_Lawyer reacted: “Mr. Vene, wherever you are, know that the Brotherhood is so so proud of you.” 

@Dakson17091995 said: “Since you wanna start everything new, New boyfriend, new shop na.” 

@Verified anonymous reacted: 

“I met nothing I left nothing. God bless vene.”

@Dominion reacted: “You Dey break up with ur helper.” 

@Vans_UD said: “Odogwu Vene, the uprooted shop they give me joy.” 

Watch the video below: 

@amara.doris Which kain ex be this? #naija #tiktok ♬ original sound - Amara Doris
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