Where do I begin? ” – Lady breaks down in tears as boyfriend ends relationship


Overwhelmed with emotion, Chisomebubeogu tearfully shares her heartbreak after her boyfriend ended their relationship.

The viral video not only exposes her raw pain but also conveys a heartfelt message to young women, cautioning them about vulnerability in love. 

In the brief clip, Chisomebubeogu, visibly shaken, opens up about her distressing experiences with her ex-boyfriend, who harshly criticized her mother, causing profound emotional turmoil.

In her words;

“I’m broken. I don’t know where to start, but my advice to every young lady out there is don’t open up to a guy because of love.”

She explained that her emotional turmoil is not solely due to the breakup itself but rather the hurtful words her ex-lover directed at her mother before their relationship ended.


“I’m not crying because this guy and I broke up; I’m happy he showed his true attitude, but I am emotionally traumatized, mentally stressed because this guy insulted my mum, also brought us down like I and my family were nothing,” the lady said.

Despite her anguish, she offers an empowering message to herself and young women facing similar challenges.

She declares her determination to rise above the pain.

“Something in me knows I will make my mum the only jewelry I have to reap the fruit of her labor. I have no idea how I can do it, but it’s well. I haven’t cried for any man before, but this pierces me,” she added.

Netizens Reactions….

@Agba_wan said said; “For your mum, I stand with you; nobody has the right to insult another person’s mum under any condition.”

@Seema bee wrote “You need to start better. So start again.”

@Umelo–Faith commented: “Clean those tears. How about me? That the guy I am dating has gone to pay another girl’s bride price. I heard the news yesterday…be strong, babe.”

@Adeshewa wrote; “Wen u are done crying, look into the mirror and encourage ur that u can do better without a guy in ur life no man deserves ur tears u are pretty.”

See below;


I’m broken 😭 i dont know where to start but my advice to every young lady there dont open up to a guy because of love😭 I’m not crying because i and this guy broke up actually I’m happy he showed his attitude but am emotionally traumatized , mentally stressed because this guy insulted my mum,also brought us down like i and my family was nothing 😭😭 do you know how it feels to come out from a spereted home 😭 my mum is my everything she stood by us didnt remarry she takes loan to take care of us yes its true we dont have money and we are nobody according to him but something in me knows i will make my mum the only jewelry i have reap the friuit of her labor, i have no idea how i can do it but……its well 😭 i havent cried for any man before but this pieces me 😭😭😭😭

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