This man no get happy home” – Nigerian student shares video of his project supervisor using red pen to cancel his entire project.

project supervisor

In a viral post shared on tiktok caught the moment a project supervisor was cancelling a student project work.

The tiktoker with the handle @itzibrahim00 posted a video showing his project supervisor cancelling a substantial amount of his project work 

In the video, his supervisor can be seen quickly and severely striking out each page.

The video which has gained laot of attention online alledge that the supervisor was not reviewing his work and questioned if there are truly problem between them

The video caption described how annoying it is to have a project supervisor that routinely postpones due dates for projects.

He wrote in the caption; “When ur supervisor keep canceling ur project.”

Below are some comments compiled by gistusmedia 

@Every Girl’s Red Flag reacted: “This one no even read am at all, he just dey cancel am.”

@lamOGee reacted: “Mr lecturer no get joy for ur project.”

@sha_ozi commented: “He no even read am.”

@E.bruno said: “Nothing wer person go tell me, this man no get happy home. Everything the pain am.”

@MUSTAPHA JUBRIL said: “So na like dis Dem dey do am.”

@Ese commented: “Ahhhh, ptsd!!!!! I rewrote my whole project 2days to defense.”

@Nzekwe Blessing638 said: “He is not even going through it.”

@pharlaryeh reacted: “If the man sees this post, better go and write another jamb.”

@TBNRFrag said: “My guy no dey read am, are you sure you no date the girl wey him dey eye.”

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