"This is painful" - Son watches as father is openly embarrassed for breaking into house with a ladder to steal


Nigerian dad

A Nigerian dad faced public humiliation as a ladder rested on his head after he was discovered trespassing into someone else's property.

In a video, he sat on the ground, visibly embarrassed, while his son in a red cardigan stood beside him, engaging in conversation.

The caption, "Son meets his father while he was caught stealing," sparked reactions from viewers expressing their opinions on the incident.

See some reactions below:

Alex favour: “‎This is painful.”

Tempo: “‎My dad no fit try ham sha,but if na me heaven go fall o,na gunshots men go take remove ham there,nobody go fit stand to lit fire I swear.”

She-Kate45: “Omo his son decision in life will be madhhh whatever he decides at this point is final.”

Peter Paul: “‎What could he have stolen omo! If nah me, my papa Dey follow me go house oh.”

matthewfredrickfenzy: “‎na poor man body dem dey get power, how many politicians dem don do like this?for this country who be the real tiff self?.”

user5532611873670: “and dem no see politicians oo.. sometimes is good to have friends wei like violence. me and my friends go scatter everywhere that day.”

K. SAVAGE: “‎I swear take heart try make them leave am site him down and talk to him.”

Meshack Chinonso: “‎2 things 1 must happen ooo ,I can’t just allow them do this else ,every single one of them go hear am.”


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