“So Zubby no fit fight” – Reactions as Zubby Michael and 042 Prince fight dirty on set

Zubby Micheal

Popular Nollywood actor Zubby Micheal and Ogbu Johnson best known as 042  Prince caused a buzz recently on the social media space after a scene of the duo fighting was captured and share online 

Both actors where on set shooting a movie scene before it resulted to both actors exchanging blows. 

In the video shared online Zubby could be seen hitting prince reapetedly who also fought back without hesitating.

Both actors fought very tough that several crew member present had to intervene fast to separate the duo.

Voices could be heard from the background calling for help, as the actors exchange punches

See video 

Some social media users have reacted to the video. Read some comments below

@KingGif73483822: “Acting gone wrong Omo that slap lor far.”

@sammie_boi51: “Zuby Michael just dey light hin face.”

@ajayiyout: “Na shoot them deh shoot na If na real that one weh carry camera go stop. The one weh deh shout help sef go try separate them.”

@iamyourpaddy: “Make them try pull one person teeth, they shouldn’t waste that figh o.”

@thefallyiknow: “The guy separating is a princess.”

@Timi_lehin0: “So zuby no fit fight na just nought he get.”

@jacob_jyaz: “Were d rest I dan Dey enjoy am chai were part 2.”

@Olawale_in: “That guy shouting “help o” suppose collect one slap.”

@itzmarveltom: “The kind confidence wey Zuby Micheal get ehn, despite the fact say e dey obvious say the other guy go beat am.”

Only One is Yours": Nigerian Mum of 6 Reveals to Husband in Video Her Pastor Owns 4 of Her Kids

A Nigerians woman recently admitted to have been seeing her pastor and also a road side meat seller.
Nigerian Mum

The lady and her husband who where invited guest in a radio program where she revealed the shocking information 

The lady claimed that out of the 6 children she has, 4 belongs to her pastor while one belong to her husband the remaining belong to a meat sell 

The Nigerian lady who admitted to have cheated on her husband while in marriage, noted she has been pregnant for different men. The revelation was made public after the lady disclosed in public during an interview in a radio program Kokoro Alate which she attend with her husband. 

In a video making round online, An X user and human right lawyer an exception of the video captured from the radio program showing how the woman admitted to having kids for her pastor and a meat seller. The lady with the X handle Oloye, expressed her concerned over what was happening.

In the clip released the woman confirmed that 4 of her kids belong to her pastor, one belongs to her husband, while the other belongs to a meat seller. While revealing that her husband only has one, she confirmed that the remaining child belongs to a meat seller.

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