Police Must Stop Profiling Of Nigerian Youths – Mr Macaroni


Mr Macaroni

Popular Nigerian content creator greater and youth activist known as Mr Macaroni, I has reacted for the response by the Nigerian police spokesperson ACP Olumiyiwa Adejobi over the use of expensive phones by female police officers.

It could be recalled that Adejobi on Friday posted a female officer DSP David Victoria using an expensive phone on his Official Twitter handle.

Reacting to the controversial post some Nigerians on Twitter was very quick two notice the expensive gadgets which was said to be a galaxy fold 2 phone held by the officer along with a luxury wrist watch, According to social media users she shouldn't be able to afford that type of phone and luxury wrist watch with her salary as a Nigeria police officer.

According to an online user @Akintomide wrote: "A civil servant (DSP) with a worth millions of Naira..lol. Ire o."

Reacting to the statement, Adejobi threatened the X user to withdraw back his statement. According to him police officers are not paupers.

“Police officers are not paupers. Withdraw your statement. It’s ridiculous to us to say a DSP can’t use Samsung fold 2. You need to reason straight and be objective. Do you know what it is to be a DSP?” He wrote.

Reacting to Adejobi’s comment, Mr Macaroni stated the need for the Nigeria police to also withdraw every statement they have made profiling Nigerian youths when they see expensive items.

“So Nigerian Police don’t like profiling?

My dear, you will like this profiling ooo.

You will like oppression. In fact you will love extortion.

“You will also romance intimidation and harassment because that is what you give to Nigerian youths everyday.

Nigerian Youths are not paupers! Over 95% of the Nigerian Police will need to withdraw their statements and profiling of Nigerian youths that we have been made to suffer since all these years.

“It’s ridiculous to us to say a Nigerian youth can’t use a nice phone or dress nice or use a nice car. You and your officers need to reason straight and be objective. Do you know what it is to be a Nigerian Youth?” , he queried.

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