People wey no get broken home": Old couple plays love and dances romantically

old couple

A  video of an old couple having a fun moment recording themselves has caught a lot of attention on social media.

In the video shared on TiKToK the man could be seen sharing a unique bond with his wife as they played inside their living room with a big smile on their faces.

The man could also be seeing chit-chatting while on his knees with his wife even though his wife was resting on the couch.This wonderful and amazing moment was captured by their daughter as she shared the beautiful romantic moments of our parents.

The father who seemed to be teasing his wife was trying to get her attention for a dance.

She eventually obliged and they both danced happily showing off moves.

The bond between the two couple can never be underestimated as they could be seen in the video having a deep conversation with the husband on his knees and wife resting on the couch

The video was able capture the bond between the Nigerian couple who are still together after many years.

Watch the video below:

Gistusmedia compiled some of the reactions below:

June jones reacted:

"Face your work joor he stand for your front."

Havilah said:

"People wey no get broken home no know wetin God do for them."

Mires wrote:

"Na indoor my papa de always beg my mama. He go come outside with pride like say he no beg."

ABalogun commented:

"Those of us that didn't see such chemistry, let us have it in our marriages. Children seeing healthy vibe is a mUst."

Gawjus meena:

"And the mom acting like she won't forgive him."

Peace Luona:

"E advice U nor mean say e go follow the advice."

Vivian Elon:

"He's the man he's suppose to beg he didn't lie."

Ola 19:

Forget That One JorWatyn I Wun Do As How."

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