No Nurse, No Doctor": Mad Woman Woman Gives Birth Handsome Baby Boy With Fair Skin, Photos Go Viral


A woman who is reported to be mentally unstable has  given birth to a handsome bouncing baby boy.

In a recent photo shared on Facebook showed the woman and the baby immediately after she gave birth in an open place


The cute photo of the mother and her baby melted heart of social media users who saw them and congratulated her

The woman who is said to be mentally unstable has given birth to a handsome baby boy the photo which has gone viral on social media

A Facebook handler with the handle Gabby Queens shared the amazing photo of the woman and a baby which melted the hear of Facebook users

The  photo shared on Facebook showed how the woman gives birth in an open space while sitting at the back of a building.

You should leave the baby on the ground and washed it closely another photo also revealed the face of the baby and showed cute skin of the baby as viewers watch in awe

Gabby what did not mention the location of where the woman gave birth but said there were no doctors or nurses yet the mentally unstable woman delivered successfully.

See reactions from social media users

She wrote: "No doctor, no nurse, no mother, no support, no good fruits, no hospital, yet this mad woman miraculously gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. 

God is wonderful." People who saw the woman and her baby took to the comment section to congratulate her 

Victor Ukaigwe said: "May the good Lord bless you and your baby. God will give you someone that can take care of you." 

Onyisi Samson Hadome commented: "God is wonderful. Such a beautiful baby." 

Olatunde Oyebi said: "God is the greatest." 

Chibless Nwaoma said: "It's all God. See as baby fresh." 

Becky Gelemu reacted: "Our God is able to do all things, thank you Jesus." 

Kelsey Segun Falae said: "God is powerful and miraculous." 

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