Nigerian woman accuses her sister of snatching her husband just two years after their wedding


Mary Peter Obeten

The Nigerian lady with the name Mary Peter Obeten has taken to social media tournament and accuse a kid sister of snatching her husband.

The alleged accusation came in after she got married to her husband 2 years back the marriage which took place October 2021. It could be notice that marries social media profile is filled with a lot of her wedding pictures which she said after marriage.

Shockingly Mary took to her Facebook page on Thursday September 12th to call out a sister who she claimed took away her husband from her.

In a photo shared on a page she pointed out her husband and her sister with a caption

Mary Peter Obeten

“My kid sister has finally succeeded in taking my husband as her husband may God judge you amen”

See her post below,

Mary Peter Obeten

The woman’s post has since gone viral on social media, sparking different reactions from netizens who were taken aback by the shocking turn of events.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@ms_sleem wrote, “How do people have eyes on their sisters husband or friends husband or even bf … Na wa oo !”

@zinnysugar wrote, “With all the men in the world. How are you even attracted to your sisters husband, in the first place?”

@amarachiadedapo wrote, “This man can sleep with his child, I can bet on it. Give it time he’ll be here again for that news.”

@thefoodnetworknig2 wrote, “Thank God they did not even kpuff you to achieve their aim… leave ‘em o, you will live to see their shame!”

@klassikonfentionaries wrote, “See the man sef. No level👀👀👀”

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