Nigeria ranked second most prayerful country on earth behind Afghanistan [Full list]

African giant Nigeria

African giant Nigeria has been around the second most powerful country in the world after Afghanistan.

According to research from the pew research centre Afghanistan is ranked first with 96 percent prayer rate while  Nigeria took second position with 95% prayer rate.

A pew research center is a nonpartisan American think-tank which is based in Washington DC United States of America.

The pew research center is well known for providing data on social issues public opinions and demographic trend focusing on the United States and the world at large

Below is a list of the most prayer of all countries on earth.

1. Afghanistan: 96%

2. Nigeria: 95%

3. Algeria: 88%

4. Senegal: 88%

5. Djibouti: 87%

6. Iran: 87%

7. Iraq: 87%

8. Niger: 87%

9. Indonesia: 84%

Meanwhile, the likes of China (1%), UK (6%), Switzerland (8%), Austria (8%), Czechoslovakia (9%), Germany (9%), Estonia (9%) France (10%) and Denmark (10%) are the least prayerful countries

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