I summoned Courage - 19 year old girl open upto her dad over boyfriend issues.


A 19 year old daughter recently confronted her dad over the heart break she received from her boyfriend, she was so shocked when her boyfriend broke the news to her she said, the response received by her from her father raised alot of reactions from netizens as what they where hope to hear was different from what the father said. 

Vera also advice ladies to always open not just to friends alone but also to your parents, according to her sadness and depression almost took a toll on me.

A 19 year old tiktoker with the username @dear.vera has shared her personal experience with her dad  due to her failed relationship. She sent him a massage expressing how sad and unhappy she was and to her surprise, her dad responded with understanding and support.

Father encourages 19-year-old daughter in unhappy relationship He reminded her that she was still a youth and encouraged her not to dwell on the bad situation too much. 

In his words: “For Christ's sake you are only 19 years ooo. Don't cry too much wai. It's unfortunate that you had to go through this. You are a smart girl. So now you have limited yourself to a segment of people. He's a good guy tho. He has a good attitude. Me I have a different perspective to things. Eve

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