Husband reward wife with Brand new home appliances after successful delivery

Tiktok video

In a recent Tiktok video shared online captured the moment a husband rewarded his wife with Brand new home appliances including a new Television after giving birth.

The video which has made millions of view on tiktok was shared by a tiktoker. The husband had agreed to buy a new Television if she delivers the baby successful, but he went the extra mile to get her other home items 

As seen in the video, the husband showed the old TV he promised to replace, as well as the new TV he bought for her along with fans, rug, table, ring light and other appliances.

A heartwarming video of a husband we gave his beautiful wife a shopping spree after successful delivery at the hospital caught alot if attention from social media users, as alot of individual commended the husband for fulfilling his promise.

The husband who only made his attention know to her to get her just a TV eventually went the extra mile to get her other beautiful home appliances

It's a thing of joy and promise fulfilled has he displayed the old TV they had and vowed to replaced it with the new one he bought

Watch the video below: gistusmedia

See video

 compiled some of the reactions below:


WMimi reacted: "A working and trying man is everything." Onlyletti said: "You're trying abeg,God bless your union." Nyarkocynthia767 wrote:

"I just love how are you responsible God bless you and your new family." Unusual

Queen: "God bless you.. the child will bring more fortune."

BIIJE commented: "Dad of the month. Congratulations to you and your Wife. Best parents Ever. The house is so cute."

Mj: "Honesty this alla woman needsa supportive and trying man." PreciouS: "It's the little things and thoughts that matters...congratulations, God bless your family."

Hopey: "Imagine this is all we ask for guyse. Just try. Pleasant Congratulations to you and your wife.

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