Her Father will Be Hurt": Video Shows Little Girl Mimicking Dad who Stammers, People React

Michelle mimicking her father

A heartwarming video of a little girl name Michelle mimicking her father was shared on Tiktok.


In the video which has caused alot of reactions on tiktok caught moment Michelle was mimicking are father, in the short video online she could be seen saying that her father might be a young child still trying to learn how to speak straight.

Alot of reactions have been trolling in as they acknowledge the father's love for his daughter, which overshadowed any hurt feeling caused by her mimicking.

In a viral video shared on tiktok, a little girl mimicked her father's speaking pattern, the girl was mimicking her father who was stammering 

In her innocence the little girl suggested that her father might still be a small child still learning how to speak straight.

In the video the little girl tried to mimick her father and attempt to stammer exactly the he does while speaking. 

Alot if reactions have been trailing the funny video of the little girl mimicking her father, the video quickly got aot if attention and responses from viewers.

Alot of reactions has flooded the video's comments section, acknowledging the father's unwavering love for his daughter. 

Some users praised the father's ability to overlook his daughter negative feelings and admire how he laughed about it.

Watch video below

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@modernshittu reacted:

The father will feel hurt but his love for his daughter will overshadow everything so he can't react.” 

@Michael said: “It's a family thing no one should interfere.” @ijele said: “She said maybe he's still a small kid that has not learnt straight star word.” 

@yomiedu E said: “This is a lesson to parent. The only person that can disrespect you and you can never see it as a disrespect are ur children am sure if nah the mama.” 


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