Differently abled lady becomes internet sensation with her remarkable hair making skill

Differently abled lady

A video of a differently abled lady has caused a lot reactions in the internet after she was seen practising are styling skills as a  hairstylist beautifying a customer hair.

Unlike most individuals who would allow Thier flaws to rule them, the hairstylist found in a way to adapt and utilise her skills as a hairdresser 

In the video shared online the lady hands are incomplete but yet she used the stump hand and her second complete hand to twist the hair, as she continues styling a customer's hair.

Differently abled lady

Differently abled lady hair making skill as kept alot of social media users amazed. She worked very hard at making her customer her look amazing.

The video which was shared on tiktok, has been gaining alot of reactions and social media users hailed her for been hardworking despite her condition.

See some comments compiled by gistusmedia

@Queen👑pHiNa🧑🏻‍🍼❤️🔐 stated: “Then I see normal people in town begging for money 😡 God bless you dear🙏🏻”

@Elrayah penned: “Please someone somewhere should sponsor her and provide her with all the necessary tools to has her own business 🙏”

@Triple D commented: “😳girl . Where are you?❤️❤️❤️. I want my beautiful done by you 💯👍”

@Rhoda265😍 wrote: “wow, and me with two hands i cant even plant, God Bless you more and more and dear”

@Akosua Paapabi said: “And many have two hands and legs but want to beg everyday and we those who give think that is Godly.”

Watch video below …

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Curvy Lady

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It is has been a trend of how individuals disguise them in prank video, just to put up different acts. In a video shared online a man could be seen going around blessing people made a video capturing the moment he approached a curvy lady in a supermarket.

When the young man (@aliboy_boss)
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In the video he also meant a stranger who told him he would have love to help, but he was not with cash. See how honest the stranger was to him, he gave the man a huge amount of money .

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