Come Down": Mother Gets Jealous After Her Husband Lifts Their Grown Daughter, Video Trends Online


In a video shared online capture the moment a man was seen lifting is grown daughter while they were playing but his wife intervened her to come down. 

The mother who was singing trying to bring adult add-on insisted that she was supposed to be the one to be lifted up since is her husband

The video which was shared by a Twitter user as gained so many reactions among social media users who took to the comments section to analyse it.

Young daughter who was free with our father shared a video of her and her dad playing together.

In the video shared online the lady bragged that our father was very strong and as dare him to lift her up.

The father agreed, lifted her up and held her firmly. This prompted is wife to rush into the video to separate them.

She insisted that her daughter should come down from her husband so that she, too, could be lifted. 

The mother said she is the wife and, as such, should be the one who deserves to be lifted and not the daughter. 

Video of a father playing with his daughter generates reactions Meanwhile, the video generated many reactions on Twitter after it was posted by 

@TheOsasPlug. Some tweeps said they were not comfortable with the closeness between the man and his daughter. 

Reactions as man lifts his daughter up

 @Osas_ThePlug said: "That you lack love at home doesn't mean the dad is doing anything wrong with his daughter for this type of relationship to exist between them." 

The mama na slap am well." @efe_okedi said: "Most of the people commenting wished they had this kind of relationship with their folks." 

@anyasidanny commented: "I have two lovely daughters and one of my fears of growing old is a day when my strength will fail me if I try to carry them. What you see is a father that have loved his baby girl from day one and nothing can change that." 

@obajemujnr said: "No it is not allowed." 

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