Lady Uses inflatable mattress, wakes up in the night to pump it.


In a recent post shared online, A lady was seen sleeping with an inflatable mattress, the lady who made a video to show people what it looks like when the air expelled out

The videos which as since attracted millions of view online shows how the mattress started deflating at around 3am, the lady woke up and decided to pump the inflatable mattress again to make it firm and stronger while she goes back to sleep.

She could be seen in the mattress as she filled it with air. It gradually went back to its normal state.

The lady with the Tiktok handle @kiki2blunt shared a video of how she woke up by 3am to filled her inflatable mattress with air. In the short video shared online showed she was sleeping when she eventually felt that the mattress has been deflated, thus prompting her to re-fill the mattress with air.

During the process of filling the mattress, noise could be heard, thus prompting reactions from social media users, which remarked that the noise could affect the lady's neighbours.

After she refilled it, it returned to its normal position, and she continued her sleep after putting off the switch. 

Alot if online users made their beautiful comments about tye mattress, some said they love the mattress and they will also love to go for that same type. Watch video below 

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