7 years relationship - lady buys engagement Ring, proposed to her Boyfriend in public

beautiful lady

A beautiful lady who took her relationship to the next level after dating for several years as caused a buzz online , the lady who couldn't wait anymore got an engagement Ring and popped the question herself, the man in the other hand did not hesitate to accept the engagement ring from her.

According to the caption on the video, revealed that they've been dating for 7 years before the lady took the bold step. 

With several reactions trailing the reason behind why the lady did what she did wasn't made known, but the boldness of the lady this recommends an applaud as she ignores all odds, bought an engagement ring with her money and proposed to her Boyfriend. These beautiful event took place in a public gathering including friends and well wishers. 

In a video shared on by a twitter user with the handle Aqualady revealed that the lady has been with the guy for 7 years. After waiting for her man to do needful yet it's not coming forth. The lady decided to take the action, went to where her man was sitting, went on her knees and popped the question without been scared of rejection.

Man accepts marriage proposal from his girlfriend Luckily for her, the man quickly said yes to her proposal and extended his hand to take the ring without hesitation. Cheers and applause filled the air as people congratulated the lady for successfully engaging her man. 

The post which ignite several reactions raised alot of comment on the lady Twitter handle, as most users praised her for her boldness.

@Aqualady6666 said: "I'm happy for them, but personally, I don't think I can propose to a man. I'm gonna treat my man like a king." 

@Aunty_Akanke said: "A clear case of going for what you want. Reversed role."

@sherylfade commented: "I’d rather mop the ocean." @Ogbovoh90 said: "What a smart move, babe secured her man." 

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