Running your mouth as much as you do would've gotten you in better shape: Tacha ridicules Monalisa Stephen

Natacha Akide

Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha from reality TV, didn't hold back in criticizing actress Monalisa Stephen after she claimed that BBNaija was responsible for Tacha's fame.

During an interview with Pulse's 'Hot Takes', Monalisa Stephen asserted that Tacha's recognition wouldn't exist without the BBNaija platform. The curvaceous actress further remarked that, without BBN, Tacha would still be resorting to twerking on social media to attract attention.

Responding to this, Tacha pointed out that Monalisa would have been in better physical shape if she had put the same dedication into her jogging routine as she does into speaking.

Tacha clarified that she has expressed gratitude multiple times for the BBNaija platform, highlighting that her efforts and hard work contributed significantly to her current persona. In a written post, Tacha expressed her sentiments:

"If you dedicated as much effort to exercising as you do to talking, your physique would be better! Why wasn't Ella chosen then? Don't you ever stop talking?

How many times do I need to reiterate my APPRECIATION for the platform? Oh no, should I have reported to their office and cleaned desks and tables daily? Your lack of understanding is astonishing! I've put in the hard work."

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