Rt. Hon. God knows Angele , Hon. (Chief) Combolous Ikisa and Others Extol Pere of Idiwini Kingdom


Godknows Angele

Ziakegha Peter

 Storm Ofougbene Community for 30th Coronation Anniversary

Burutu______Rt. Hon. Godknows Angele,  Chairman of Burutu Local Government and Commissioner Designate,  accompanied by the Vice Chairman, Hon. ( Chief) Combolous Ikisa and others storm Ofougbene to  grace the occasion of the 30th Coronation Anniversary of his  Royal Majesty (HRM), Bosu Dio (JP), the   Ayamabulo 1 of Iduwini Kingdom on Sunday.

The Chairman of Burutu Local Government and Commissioner Designate praised Bosu Dio (JP) as an upright ruler with exceptional quality.

 He stated that the leadership of His Royal Majesty has significantly contributed to the peaceful coexistence  of the people of Iduwini Kingdom. He  congratulated His Majesty and  prayed for good health and wisdom to lead his kingdom .

Godknows Angele

He said “ On behalf of my family and the people of Burutu Local Government, I congratulate your Majesty on your 30th  coronation anniversary, I  pray that the Almighty God will continue to give you good health and wisdom to pilot the traditional affairs of the Iduwini  kingdom and offer valuable contributions to the development of our Local Government and  our  dear State.”

In similar vein, Hon. (Chief) Combolous Ikisa, the Vice Chairman of Burutu Local Government, also congratulated   His Royal Majesty Bosu Dio (JP) the Ayamabulo 1 of Iduwini Kingdom

He expressed conviction that His Royal Majesty is a great beacon of hope for the people of Iduwini Kingdom and encouraged him to remain steadfast on his mission for the continuity of his good works

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