"I will sue Seyi for threatening Kidd" – Kiddwaya's mom blows hot



"I will take legal action against Seyi for his threats towards Kidd"  Strong words from Kiddwaya's mother

Susan Waya, the mother of well-known reality TV personality Kiddwaya, has declared her intention to pursue a lawsuit against Seyi Awolowo. She plans to do so as soon as Kiddwaya exits the Biggie's house. 

This decision comes in response to a recent conversation between Seyi and Kiddwaya, which Susan Waya discussed in a post on her Instagram page. Seyi had compelled Kiddwaya to apologize after an incident involving Ike and Doyin. Reacting to this, Kiddwaya's mother expressed her determination to take Seyi to court and impart a lesson about not threatening her son.

In her words:

"Seyi, or Sheyi, regardless of your name, once you're out, I'll initiate legal action against you for the threats you made towards Kidd Waya. Kidd's upbringing doesn't involve thuggery, theft, or gangster behavior…"

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