'I was prepared to die' - Tems


Nigerian singer Tems, who won a Grammy, shared that she was completely ready to face any consequences when she shifted from the popular afrobeats genre to R&B. 

Her strong self-belief led her to not care about her success in R&B, as she was focused on conveying her message. In an interview with Kendrick Lamar for Inte

rview Magazine, she mentioned, "I was prepared to die. I believed in myself so much that I didn't really care if I never became anything or anyone. I just wanted to get a message out." She explained that she wanted her music to evoke intense emotions, similar to the feeling she gets from listening to artists like Celine Dion. 

Afrobeats wasn't giving her that kind of creative stimulation. Despite advice from others to stick to afrobeats, she persisted in pursuing her unique path in R&B because her goal wasn't money, but rather expressing a unique musical frequency.

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