BBNaija All Stars: Whitemoney tried to date me - Uriel

Uriel Ngozi Oputa

Uriel Ngozi Oputa, a former contestant of Big Brother Naija All Stars, has opened up about an interesting revelation involving Whitemoney's efforts to pursue her romantically even before their time on the reality show.

Uriel noted that Whitemoney appeared to be intimated by her presence within the show, particularly in the kitchen area, where she often showcased her culinary skills.

During a recent interview with Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos, Uriel disclosed, "Whitemoney engaged in various actions that seemed to stem from his intimidation by me, especially within the kitchen setting. However, I hold reservations about Whitemoney's authenticity. My interactions with him outside the house differ significantly from his persona within."

Uriel further elaborated, "I made the observation of his intimidation due to instances where he attempted to influence certain individuals against me or manipulate their perceptions of me. While I won't allow anyone to cause me distress, I did feel a sense of disappointment in his behavior."

Despite these sentiments, Uriel acknowledged Whitemoney's positive qualities, describing him as an adept businessman. She conveyed her best wishes for his endeavors but expressed uncertainty about their relationship's trajectory. She remarked, "Regarding our connection, I'm uncertain about its course, given that Whitemoney had shown romantic interest in me before entering the house. However, upon joining the show, the dynamics shifted. Although he pursued me, I want to clarify that there is no conceivable likelihood of such a relationship materializing. I possess evidence to support these claims."

In this revelation, Uriel sheds light on the intriguing dynamics of relationships within the Big Brother Naija All Stars house, offering insights into her interactions with Whitemoney both before and during the show.

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