BBNaija All Stars: Nigerians fume as jury evicts Uriel


The latest episode of the Big Brother reality show has caused a stir among viewers as Uriel, one of the housemates in the Big Brother Naija All Stars season, faced eviction. The eviction decision, made by a panel of jury members, has left Nigerians voicing their dissatisfaction and questioning the fairness of the process.

The Unexpected Eviction:

Uriel, a popular contestant in the All Stars season, faced an unexpected eviction during the latest episode. The eviction jury, composed of Teddy A., Laycon, and Diane, voted for her removal from the house. This decision came as a shock to many fans who were invested in Uriel's journey.

A Look Back at Last Week's Save:

In the previous week, the jury had chosen to save Seyi from eviction. This marked the second time Seyi had been saved by the jury members, making him the first housemate to receive such a privilege twice. While this may have seemed like a testament to Seyi's popularity, it has now raised eyebrows among the viewers.

The Controversy Unfolds:

Nigerians are not holding back their opinions on social media. Many are expressing their disappointment and frustration over Uriel's eviction, especially in light of Seyi's continued presence in the house despite having the least number of votes. Viewers are questioning the transparency of the process and suggesting that there might be biases at play within the jury.

The Jury's Relationships Under Scrutiny:

One of the factors contributing to the controversy is the personal relationships between jury members and housemates. Critics argue that the presence of relationships, such as the one between the jury and Seyi, might be influencing the eviction decisions. This perceived bias has fueled the public's outrage and mistrust in the fairness of the show.

The eviction of Uriel from the Big Brother Naija All Stars season has ignited a firestorm of emotions among viewers. With Nigerians expressing their frustration on social media, the controversy surrounding Seyi's repeated saves and the potential biases within the jury is unlikely to die down soon. As the reality show continues to captivate its audience, the question of fairness and transparency in the eviction process remains a hot topic of discussion.

Here are comments gistus media gathered;

@DrOlufunmilayo. ”The day is coming when an actually popular person like Mercy or WhiteMoney finds themselves in the bottom 3 and then a drunk compromised jury will kick the person out even though they do not actually have the lowest votes.”

@AssistantEbukaa, ”Isn’t it common sense to not save someone who was saved by Jury just last week?”

@TWEETORACLE, ”The jury tonight reeked of Bias. Seyi is Yoruba and 2 of the jury members are Yoruba — Teddy A and Laycon. Why? Of Course they are gonna save him. You can’t tell me that Big Brother didn’t think about this before picking the panel for tonight’s eviction. Doesn’t make sense.”

@Masco_, ”This right here is the problem with the eviction Jury panel. For the 2nd week running, Seyi ends at BOTTOM barrel but somehow evades eviction because of a familiar Jury. I don’t think this makes sense, the idealization, composition and execution of this. THUMBS DOWN!”

@chinasa_anukam, ”I HATE this jury rubbish. Uriel is extremely active in tasks, she cooks, she has an active storyline. This man has been in the bottom two for two weeks FFS and spends his whole time in the house gossiping.”

@phillyf_, ”Scrap the jury abeg. It’s obvious they aren’t watching this show, because what the hell?”

@Nobsdaslushhkid, ”A jury made up biased ex-housemates is pure ass and does not represent the viewer’s choice.”

@Naijasinglegirl, ”This Jury thing is the worst thing to happen in the history of #bbnaija. It has created room for biases because the jury would tend to favor those in their circle. How can those clowns pick Seyi over Uriel?”

@AfroVII, ”On what basis did they save Seyi over Uriel??? Even if she came last in the polls, shey that didn’t matter last week? Did these jury guys even watch the show?”

@damidawson, ”BBNAIJA SHOULD REVIEW THEIR EXTANT JURY SYSTEM. There is still time to make the adjustments… A disheartening reality transpired with Uriel’s untimely departure, a departure unbecoming of her contributions. If nothing is done to this weak jury system, then this will be the most disappointing edition ever. What an irony”

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