Wizkid on Nigerian Politics


 In a recent interview with Evening Standard UK, Wizkid, the Grammy award-winning singer, whose real name is Ayodeji Balogun, opened up about his stance on politics and why he chooses not to frequently discuss it in his music and interviews. 

His reason lies in the perception that the Nigerian masses, whom he cares deeply about, are primarily concerned with survival and making ends meet rather than political matters.

Despite his reluctance to delve into political discussions, Wizkid revealed a different ambition – he sees himself as a leader among the new generation of Nigerian musicians. He takes a humble approach by avoiding judgment of the previous generations of artists. Instead, he has a clear goal of guiding and propelling the new generation forward to achieve global recognition and success.

His vision for the afrobeats genre involves unity among the artists, fostering a collective effort to elevate the music to international acclaim. Wizkid dreams of a future where the world embraces the vibrant and captivating sounds of afrobeats, and he wants to play a pivotal role in making that a reality.

In essence, Wizkid's decision to steer away from political discussions in his work stems from his understanding of the everyday struggles faced by the Nigerian people. He envisions a bright future for the new generation of afrobeats artists, with a united front, making a significant impact on the global music scene. 

Through his music and leadership, he hopes to contribute to this transformation and showcase the immense talent and creativity that Nigeria has to offer to the world.

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