Gistusng A lifestyle blog

Gistusng A lifestyle blog

Gistusng is a lifestyle blog based in Nigeria, a blog dedicated into showcasing beautiful trending lifestyle news, fashion, and health and beauty collections. Gistus brings to life the beauty of the different lifestyle in the streets of Nigeria.

In recent times a lot of topics having been trending with several blogs coming up with different stories and collections capturing significant story lines, taking into consideration of the various happenings in the society one can simply put into writing that current situation of our society is far different from the before society this is due to evolution of technologies, revolutions of societies, research methods and the current way of life.

Gistus is as a lifestyle blog founded by Ziakegha Lucky in 2022 was inspired after seeing a young beggar discovering is talents through the inspiration of a little boy singing and playing a guitar. This thought went deep down with a lot of questions popping up on how one can actually showcase the talents of individuals in the street who doesn’t have any means of help, this prompt the creation of a blog which can help showcase the talents of those who needed help.


Gistus as a Lifestyle Blog

A lifestyle blogger is an individual or group of people specialize on sharing lifestyle information, health tips, beauty and fashion tips for individuals who intend building their own style as an individual. Been a lifestyle blogger as help in studying the various pattern of live hood in the society, challenges of individuals and how to resolve them, creating opportunity, putting smile on the faces of individuals who have lost it already in the simplest way, it has also helped in building brands who are starting from start giving them the require boost and audience needed to succeed. Gistus as a lifestyle blog bring step by step guide on how one can find its inner ability to strive for success.

Been a source of motivation for individuals

With the evolvement of world, changing and advance technology been implemented, with the ever changing trends in the society coupled with the social media verse almost taking charge of the major attention of individuals. Taking a deep dive into the society it occurs that majority of individuals are just living a fake life feel with sadness and depressions, looking for means to be happy yet could not find any. Getting in association with such individuals also prompt the need of building a platform where one can consistently help and motivate such individual, getting to know the reason behind the unhappy and depress state helps gistus as a lifestyle blogger to implement programs and training schemes on how to empower such individuals.

Gistus as a Travel Blog

Gistus as a travel blog brings the beauty of travel vacations, getting to know the best routes, local delicacies, and local restaurants, and amusement parks, indoor and outdoor recreational activities. As a travel blog gistus creates some of the best travel outfits that fits your vacations. Been a travel blogger as create memories beyond reasonable imaginations, getting to the diverse culture and tradition of different tribes, getting to know more about nature and its beauty, it also makes you feel the different climatic conditions of different geographical region and how your body system could adapt to it. Going on vacations builds up your level of reasoning as it exposes you to the different lifestyle of individuals and how people cope outside their comfort zone.


Gisusng as a Fashion Blog

Been a fashion blog as help individual looking for a fashion outlet to build their fashion lifestyle from, this blog showcase beautiful fashion collections from top brands down to small brands and how individuals can create their own fashion brands from scratch. It is well known of the many fashion trends around the internet, this can be challenging for individuals who are just start off from scratch as a blog it givens lay down guidelines on how one could create is or her owns fashion style.

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