Reason why I settled for acting - Actress Genoveva Umeh

Genoveva umeh

Veteran  Nigerian-British actress, Genoveva Umeh has revealed the reason behind her acting career, although she has always had a passion for acting even though she didn't study it in the first place.

Genoveva Umeh is a graduate of law but deep down in her heart she has always had a passion for acting, this became more visible after she failed law in her first year.

The actress revealed this in a recent interview with Chinasa Anukam on her recent episode of IS THIS THE SEAT TAKEN PODCAST.

Studying law, I will say indeed was my decision. But in a real sense, I will say that I realized that I was a first-generation immigrant, I know the efforts my parent worked to get me into the UK.

Due to that fact, I didn't want to do a course that kind of looked like a hubby. I thought acting was a hubby.

I really thought of acting as a hubby in the university and just thinking, year, when I graduate, I'm going to come back and pursue this.

But that really didn't come through until I failed my first year of law. That was when the thought became strong in me to start considering what I actually want to do as opposed to what I felt I have to do.

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