Spending 15 minutes with your child why it is important.

Spending 15 minutes with your child

Spending 15 minutes with your child can pass a positive message to that child.

Reason why you spending time with your child on a issue that needs to be cocktails this also serves has a great impact on improving their growth physically and mentally.

Being a parent most times can be very stressful when our schedules are being arranged impact and and most times when school activities are been added up to the mix it makes it more difficult to comprehend as a parent.

As a parent one of our greatest worries I have a negative outcome of not being around or not been able to spend time with your kids.

This mindset or thoughts are most times very accurate as the plays an important role and the present and future of our kids.

The importance of spending at least 15 minutes with your child

Your ability to set up a spare time for your kids at least 15 to 20 minutes can serve as a youth impact and the life of your kids this impacts automatically increase the parents and children bond.

Spending 15 minutes with your child

Having a quality time with your kids does not trust increase only your bond with them but rather it improve dear sense of belonging and humanity, it builds their courage and confidence.

These shorts activities I've made a lot of parents victim of circumstances as most parents tend to cover thier excuses with their busy schedule and jobs. 

GistusNg as put together some benefits of spending time with your kids.

Importance  and how to spend at least 15 minutes with your kids

1. Fun time: setting up a specific fun time for your child can serve as a great impact to his or her life.

This alone shows that quality is better than quantity a well spent time of undivided attention with your kids can improve their sense of belonging and create a huge impact on them.

There is build their self-confidence and makes them to gain more secure and seek less attention during the day. Below are some method one can apply I'm spending a quality time with his or her kids.

  • Make sure your phone is off or make sure your phone is on silent to avoid distractions.
  • Reduce the volume of the TV allow kids to play on the background or if possible put it off.
  • If you have more than one kid try as much as possible to create a schedule for a special playtime with one kid at a time.
  • Ask questions about how they feel try as much as possible to make them confide in you as their parents this can make them to be secured to tell you whatever they want whenever there are any problems.

2. Include them in your routine

A lot of families always spend quality time immediately after dinner while some after school hours.

This does not really affect on how you intend to carry out a playtime with your kids it depends entirely on you and your children and how you define your playtime.

3. Allow kids shows activities.

A lot of people find it very difficult and boring when playing with kids especially those that like playing with candy and toys.

These experiences it's not just all about you but all about building your kids up by allowing them to choose what interest them allowing them to make their own choices. These methods also help them in appreciating the choices you make for them.

4. Observe your child.

A lot of parents I've totally been neglecting  this part all in the name of trying to provide for the family, making them to be too busy to notice what is happening around your kids.

Out of all quests to provide for the family entirely forget to even notice the little change about them.

The ability for you as a parents to be able to observe and no a little change is about of kids play an important role in your life and also you as a parent

According to the popular saying most times the past always come back to haunt us in the future. Learn to know more about your kids, know the things they love most, know what makes them to be scared, there are worries, what makes them happy and what makes them to be more excited.

5. Adore them ( Always learn to appreciate them)

This is a vital points that as a parent's you need to put in mind most parents don't know how to appreciate their kids, appreciating your kids plays an important role in their life as it will always learn to encourage them, give them the confidence they need.

Always abusing your kids will always make them to be scared of trying out new things, if your child I have some beautiful issues, special play times are not the time for correcting them or start judging them, stop comparing them to other kids every kid's has its own potential and unique personality and them.

Please feel free to drop your contributions on the comment section.

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