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melissa ianitello


The trend Melissa lanitello family feud as been on for some years. Malicious the young ladywood went into line lights from the family tv series the become a successful into enterpreneur.

Melissa story is a story if well paid attention to brings about a lot of lessons about life itself.

Let's dive into some of the journey of Melissa Ianitello and see some of the reasons why she has been trending. What will go into details about her success and failures and we can also go about in details about our transformation journey so we can learn from those informations being that that from her story to learn about how the situations of life can become a favour to  us .
Who is Melissa lanitello

Where to our greatest surprise and findings Melissa family didn't always give out that helping hand she needed in building a singing career she has always houses dream of singing which are family never saw in her.

She was also seriously opposed by our family in accomplishing our dream as a musician.

The early life of Melissa was not start stoothoff this by it her family being an immigrant from Italy and also our father who was opportunity to have a decent job never really understood why is daughter wants to pursue a career in music.

Despite our fathers being negligent on a music career her mother was more supportive in terms of encouraging her on how she can accomplish her dreams, although her mother passed away when she was just 18 years old.

What is Melissa lanitello Family feud

Melissa was seriously down custard by the death of her mother which really triggered our enthusiasm into focusing more on a music career, she started performing at local restaurants and club. Enthusiasm into music dinner a lot of attention and was featured on a feud family national TV show.

How she got a lot of attention in her music career was not been recorded but she became a successful entrepreneur and and one of the sensational singers in her country.

With careful observation you will notice that her story can be linked to someone who has patience and determination to succeed in life

It can be recalled that when she was been fashioned in the family feud TV show, she was among one of the contestants who eventually made it to the final round of the competition.

She lost in the final after her family was unable to give answer to the question “what are bugs attracted to” Losing at the finals does not stop her from chasing her dreams, thus encourage her to start up her own reality TV shows.

Despite all these it was not really easy for her as she also face some difficult moment in life. Due to a enthusiasm to become successful fought through those difficult moments and came out successful.

Melissa lanitello family career

After all been said, her name might not be well pronounce in the entertainment industry, buy her work has been put beyond measure.

After starting up our own TV show she also made a choice in designing as a career wish she started creatine logos and design for businesses it also went very moment it cut the attention of top brands in the entertainment industry.

Melissa works has been featured in some many Magazines and Journals with the likes of Elle and Vanity Fair, she has also design art and music covers in the entertainment industry.

Despite been unable to clinch the finals in the family feud TV show, she has come along way due to her pursue of success and determination which guided her in staying focused on her success journey.

Melissa was also known for her philanthropic works across The nation she came up with the ideas of helping others after her family appearance in the family feud show in the year 2009.

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