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Laura Fuentes

Laura Fuentes is a fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of MOMables. After earning her MBA from MIT, she had to adjust to one income while still balancing a family and student debt.

She had to settle their finances and start working a side job to cover all her expenses. After several years in the corporate world, she ventured into a food blog and a side business. 

She conceived the idea of opening a food blog in the year 2011, after she was inspired by her daughter.

Laura Fuentes is a Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur

MOMables, founded by Laura fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur, is a website that helps busy moms transform mealtime into fun and productive activities. 

With MOMables, she has taught thousands of families how to incorporate a healthy diet into their daily routines, improve sleep quality, and incorporate physical activity. 

The website also offers a free Busy Mom’s Guide to Living Your Best Life. To learn more about Laura Fuentes and her journey, check out the interview below.

As a bilingual mom of three kids, Laura spends most of her free time with her family, reading, working out, and traveling. 

She enjoys traveling. She has two daughters and a son. She is also a mother of three and has been married to her husband for 15 years.

Laura also has a passion for creating healthy recipes and making healthy living fun. To learn more about Laura Fuentes, visit her website at laurafuentes.

For busy moms, Laura Fuentes offers a free guidebook that helps them learn to prepare healthy meals using simple ingredients. 

This guidebook includes easy-to-follow recipes, a shopping list, and a weekly meal plan. You can also find videos by Laura, tips for substitution, and allergy-friendly recipes. 

You can also find a complete shopping list on her website. It’s a great resource for busy moms and dads.

As the founder and CEO of MOMables, Laura Fuentes has a deep knowledge of feeding children healthy, real foods. She has turned her passion for real food into an online business that has received millions of page views a month. 

In fact, she launched MOMables while six months pregnant with her third child. She has been featured on numerous parenting sites and on The Huffington Post. 

In her free time, Laura enjoys running her food lifestyle business, traveling, and writing about food and nutrition.

She Started MOMables

Laura Fuentes is a fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur who helps busy moms transform mealtimes into delicious, nutritious meals that are also convenient for busy families. 

Her food lifestyle business helps families make better food choices and incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. 

She’s helped thousands of families improve their health and wellness. In fact, she even offers a FREE Busy Mom’s Guide to Living the Best Life!

After having three children, Laura Fuentes faced many challenges balancing a hectic life with preparing daily nutritious meals. 

She decided to start MOMables after discovering that it was difficult to find healthy recipes for her toddlers’ school lunches. Now, MOMables has helped more than 80,000 families eat healthier and lose weight by providing them with meal plans, healthy diet programs, and recipes. 

Fuentes also has published five cookbooks and has appeared on various TV shows and radio programs, including “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” and Univision and Telemundo.

Laura Fuentes loves to create videos and edit them. She’s also working to build her business and hire a team. She shares the highs and lows of starting her business, including the biggest lessons she learned along the way. 

She’s a mother of three, so balancing her business and her family’s needs is a challenge for most moms. But Laura Fuentes isn’t giving up.

She Has a Financial Plan

Jennifer Fuentes is one of the most successful food lifestyle entrepreneurs in the world, but how did she get there? Fuentes received an MBA and an economics degree, and started her career in the corporate world. 

When she became pregnant, she took five years off from work. The family had to learn to live on one income, and they looked at their finances. Thankfully, they have a financial plan to help them stay afloat.

As a busy mother of three, Laura Fuentes was unable to make healthy meals on a daily basis. She found meal prepping to be useful when her children started school, and she started MOMables, which helps other parents make healthy, convenient lunches for their families. 

She left her corporate job in 2006 to focus on her food business, and she was able to stick to her financial goals as well as meet her daughter’s wish.

She Refuses to Let Her Homelife Suffer

Laura Fuentes, founder and CEO of MOMables, is a successful food lifestyle entrepreneur. Her website gets over one million page views each month. 

And all this despite the fact that she is six months pregnant with her third child. Fuentes refuses to let her home life suffer because of her food lifestyle business. She does not work after 4PM on business, and she also refuses to sacrifice her personal life.

Hiring the right team is essential for a successful fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur business. It depends on the type of business and the life cycle of the business. Laura Fuentes refused to sacrifice her family life to be a food lifestyle entrepreneur. 

She wanted to continue doing the things she enjoyed most. To do this, she hired a team. She also created a schedule that allowed her to balance work and family life.

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